Is a Wedding Planner Worth It?

We’re all familiar with the stresses of planning and organizing some sort of event—whether it be a dinner party, holiday dinner, birthday party, or just an annual get-together. That said, there are very few events that come close to the cost, stress, joy, and work that goes into planning a wedding. A lot of couples struggle with deciding to hire

Best practices to booking a hotel block

Creating a unique and hospitable experience for guests is key to a successful event. Providing preferred lodging for your out-of-town guests will make their experience memorable. Follow this guide of best practices to keep the planning of your block simple and manageable! Know your booking window – Generally speaking, most reservations cannot be made more than one year in advance.

2019 Wedding Dress Trends

You’ve found the man of your dreams now you just have to find the dress of your dreams! It could be argued that finding the dress is harder to do! There are so many things to consider when choosing your wedding dress; style, material, body shape, length, accessories, weather, location—the list goes on and on. Perhaps the most important thing

She Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Barn Over

She Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Barn Over… And the future Bride began to cry… How SAFE is Rolling Ridge and what would happen in the wake of a catastrophic event? Rolling Ridge is one of the Safest and well-built barns in the State of Minnesota and likely the upper Midwest. The original 120-year-old timber frame barn was lifted

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

One of the first conversations you have as a newly engaged couple, (after gushing over the ring, of course) is WHEN to have the special day. More often than not, couples choose a date that’s special, then they attempt to find a venue that’s open for that date. Choosing your wedding date is an important step in the planning process

How to Plan your Wedding Rehearsal

It’s your wedding day! The ceremony is at 4:00 PM and you got an early start getting ready with your bridal party. By 2:00 PM most of the pictures are taken, everyone looks flawless, people are beginning to get restless, the best man is trying to convince your groom to take another shot of whiskey to ‘calm the nerves,’ and