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Covid Preparedness Plan for Rolling Ridge

We are all navigating these new territories together as we learn and understand what is required to safely interact and celebrate with others during and after a global pandemic.  We are doing our best and are committed to providing a safe environment for our client’s events.

Rolling Ridge has entered into a contractual agreement with each of our clients to rent / lease our property to host their wedding or event on our property.  Our client is the host for the event, which allows them to make decisions and choices regarding their event in a way they feel are appropriate to their desire and comfort level. Our clients agree to follow laws and rules at their event. It is not the responsibility of Rolling Ridge to enforce the law. As such, our clients are liable for any illegal activities that occur during the event rental timeframe. All services provided for celebrations at Rolling Ridge are contracted individually by our clients (including food, beverage, décor, DJ, photo etc.) and are separate from the rental contracts for the use of space.

What we will do

  • Post our plan on our website for easy access by our couples and their guests.
  • Strategize with our client to help them successfully host an event that is safe for their guests.
  • We will thoroughly clean the facility using a professional cleaning company- immediately following each event.

What our clients, Guests and Vendors should do

Guest etiquette- Attending a wedding, event, or other permissible activity on the Rolling Ridge Property is optional and guests or vendors should exercise their own discretion of attendance based on their own comfort level.  If someone is sick or feeling symptoms that could align with the symptoms of Covid-19 they are not allowed upon the property.  If a guest notices signs of sickness after arrival- please leave the property immediately. As per Executive Order 20-81 masks are required to be worn indoors at all businesses. Most of our events take place primarily outside. There are many exceptions and temporary exceptions to this EO. If a guest removes their mask or simply is not wearing one, we will assume they have a condition which exempts them from the mask mandate or are partaking in an activity or action that allows them to remove their mask (ex. eating or drinking). Use your best discretion and please BE KIND TO OTHERS. Please pay attention to the requirements posted on the posters / or signs throughout the facility.  If you are sick or feel sick, you should go home to avoid spreading germs.  Be sure to wash your hands after visits to the bathroom and use hand sanitizer throughout the event.  We will have a basic supply available- but please consider bringing your own supply as well because our facility consists of several acres of space.  Our facility is spacious and features several outdoor spaces to socially distance which makes it virtually impossible to mark 6’ spacings on the floor, patio, lawn or parking areas.  Know that going anywhere in public could potentially expose you and your body to Covid-19.

Setup- Place tables and chairs so your guests can be seated in pods / families.  Place chairs on one side of tables or space accordingly to maximize social distancing.  For ceremonies- outdoor is preferred.  Seating in front rows should be closer together and reserved for family members.  Chairs shall be placed in groups of 4 and spaced further apart after the front chairs are placed.  Standing room should be made available for those who prefer to further distance themselves from the crowd.

Guest Book- consider having disposable pens available and a small trash receptacle for guests to sign the guest book.  Have hand sanitizer available or Sani-wipes for guests to disinfect their hands before or after signing the guest book.

Food / Drink- Is allowable. Water & coffee will only be served by bartending team from behind the bar.  Water will be served individually table side. Silverware will be wrapped in linen napkins. Salads will be served plated, with a slice of bread and piped whipped butter once guests are seated.  All meals will be served plated to avoid social congestion in lines as protection contamination of food on a service line.  Snacks / appetizers should be individually wrapped, or butler passed whenever possible.

Desserts- Consider having prepackaged or desserts served individually by custom catering.  If having a display cake, do so by having décor or objects in front to deter guests from getting near the cake.

DJ- Because dancing is such an important part of the wedding tradition and ritualistic in many cultures, you are still able to host your dance. Work with DJ to create options to text-in song requests rather than in-person requests or touch screen requests. Host dance outdoors whenever possible. Complete ceremonial dances (First Dance, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Dollar Dance, etc.) first so that guests can disperse earlier if they so choose.

Photo Booth- create a unique backdrop and do not use props.  Have an assistant at the booth to enter email info and to wipe / sanitize booth after each use.