Is a Wedding Planner Worth It?

We’re all familiar with the stresses of planning and organizing some sort of event—whether it be a dinner party, holiday dinner, birthday party, or just an annual get-together. That said, there are very few events that come close to the cost, stress, joy, and work that goes into planning a wedding. A lot of couples struggle with deciding to hire a wedding planner or not. To help with this debate, we’re going to break down some information for you and provide some insight to help you make that decision. It’s our goal, at Rolling Ridge, to make your wedding (and everything that leads up to it), as seamless and easy as possible.

All About Wedding Planners

Wedding planners can help you stick to a budget, meet deadlines, and make important decisions. One thing to keep in mind is that each wedding planner has a different set of services they’ll provide. If you’re looking for someone you can call when you remember that you’ve sat your Great Aunt Martha (who happens to be pretty irreverent) at the same table as your 7 year old nephew and that the combination is a recipe for potty humor and spit balls, a wedding planner is probably not who you need. Wedding planners provide a few hours during the actual planning process, some services the day before, and are usually there most of the day on the actual day of the wedding. These services can average between $1500-$5000 depending on your location.

Another Option:

An alternative to spending the extra money on a planner is to look for a venue that provides a day-of coordinator. If you couple that with a friend or sister or Maid-of-Honor who can manage those seating (and any other random issue you may have overlooked), you’ll save yourself money and hassle. A coordinator will answer any questions, intercept any issues on the day of, and definitely have insight into the venue that you just won’t find from an outside source. Plus, you can take some of the money you would have spent on a planner and enjoy a day out with those people who helped you with the planning. Get pampered with friends and family and still save in the end!

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