Is an Open Bar Wedding Worth the Cost

We’ve all been to more than one wedding where the only people seeming to have fun are the wedding party. For whatever reason, the energy just isn’t there and you know as soon as the meal is finished most will leave. That’s the nightmare of everyone involved: the event center, the couple, and the guest. No one wants to go to the hassle of finding a sitter, getting dressed up, and buying a gift, only to have a boring time. After all, you’re still hosting a party. So, how do you ensure your guests have a great time? Well, drinks are a great place to start!

There are many benefits to having an open bar at your wedding. The biggest thing is that your guests will stay longer and socialize more. This creates an atmosphere that is fun and inviting. If it’s not in the budget to have an open bar all night, consider setting a dollar amount or time limit. You guests will still get to enjoy some cocktails but you don’t have to go way over budget.

Another option is to provide just wine and beer. You can choose brews that are local or have special meaning to you as a couple. You can still offer your guests some options without breaking the bank!

It’s important to remember that your guests are spending money and time finding childcare, lodging, getting you a gift, and attending the event to wish you well. Reward them with a great time!


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