Best practices to booking a hotel block

Creating a unique and hospitable experience for guests is key to a successful event. Providing preferred lodging for your out-of-town guests will make their experience memorable.

Follow this guide of best practices to keep the planning of your block simple and manageable!

  1. Know your booking window – Generally speaking, most reservations cannot be made more than one year in advance. It is highly advised to set up your block no sooner than 9-10 months from your wedding date. This way the hotels are more aware of their availability and can negotiate the best rates available. This leaves plenty of time for you and your guests to make reservations before the big day.
  2. Carefully review your invitation list – Based on when you’re getting married, where your guests’ are traveling from as well as their preferences to hotel stays, you can closely estimate the number of rooms you need in a block.
  3. Select a hotel close to the wedding venue – A location close to your venue is most convenient & will not make the guests traverse the city. This will also encourage more pick-up of your block.
  4. Choose no more than two hotel options – Contrary to popular belief, more options isn’t always more helpful. If you keep it simple, it will stay simple. Selecting too many hotel choices will not only confuse complicate plans your guests but also make it stressful for you.
  5. Do not reserve multiple rooms under your name – As the rooms are under your name and your credit card, if guests do not show up, you will be held responsible for the payment. You will also be responsible to cancel every room.
  6. Online discounts – Rates online do not reflect group block rates. Typically there are 1-2 rooms available for discounts like AAA, AARP, member & reward discounts and advanced purchase. However, if you need more than a couple of rooms in your block, it is highly advisable to contact the hotel sales team directly and utilize the block discounts that you can negotiate.

Communicate details early! – There will be a cut-off date for your guests to be able book rooms under the block rate and guarantee that rate. Make sure to set a reminder to send out a final friendly reminder via text or email to any guests who are late to secure their rooms. This gives the hotel enough time to add rooms if available, gives you and your guests enough time to decide, plan and most



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