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Driven by a passion for creating extraordinary moments, Rolling Ridge sets the standard for elegance, experience, and personalized service.


Rolling Ridge provides a dreamlike location to host events in an environment that embraces rustic charm, modern elegance and the great outdoors. Bring guests out of the white and sterile venues of yesteryear and into the beauty of nature by making your wedding or event experience as enchanting and elegant as your imagination allows! Nestled among our namesake of majestic oaks and rolling hills, Rolling Ridge Wedding & Event Center is more than just buildings and natural beauty. Unlike most wedding and event centers, Rolling Ridge is remote enough for privacy yet close to accommodations. Plus, we have the unique ability to cater to all of the day’s events in one location. From relaxing in the Bridal Suite and Rooster’s Roost (our dream of a rustic hangout) to dancing the night away under the stars and everything in between, there is no limit to the possibilities.





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At Rolling Ridge, we curate extraordinary moments and craft unforgettable experiences for your most cherished celebrations.