What to Ask a Wedding Musician

As Shakespeare says, “If music be the food of love, play on” (Twelfth Night 1.1.1-3). Music is the life of any party and the ultimate party is your wedding. Finding the right music sets the tone for your event, but it’s often an aspect of planning people overlook. To ensure the music feeds your guests’ ears while the food fills their bellies, here are some questions to consider asking when booking a musician for your wedding:

  1. Do you have a set repertoire for ceremonies?
    1. Make sure you have an idea of what sounds you want to set the tone for your ceremony. Is there a particular song that’s important to you or your family? Are there any songs you DON’T want played? You want to make sure the musician is aware of your desires and can deliver.
  2. Do you have any suggestions of music that would match the theme or vibe of our ceremony?
    1. This is important, they’re the experts, let them do what they do best: be musicians. Ask them for ideas and listen to their opinions. Let them take some of the planning. Just make sure the list is approved by you prior to the wedding. Ask about instrument combinations, vocals, logistics of getting the instruments to your venue. Make sure the musicians you book are able to make it work with the rest of what you’ve planned.

  3. Are you and your musicians willing to learn new music selections or nontraditional songs? If so, is there an extra fee?

    1. You want to fully understand the budget and pricing before you agree to book someone, but you also want to ensure you’re getting what you want with the budget you have.
  4. Think like a boss!
    1. Remember, you’re hiring this person for a task; interview them! Make sure they’re available for your date, ask for references, ask about liability insurance, and don’t be afraid to pick their brain about previous weddings they’ve performed at.

Pricing and payment questions are pretty straight forward. Make sure there are no additional fees, ask about the deposit, inquire about overtime rates in case your ceremony runs long. Music is an important touch that adds elegance, class, and beauty to your big day; find the best fit for your wedding!

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