How to Choose Your Wedding Date

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One of the first conversations you have as a newly engaged couple, (after gushing over the ring, of course) is WHEN to have the special day. More often than not, couples choose a date that’s special, then they attempt to find a venue that’s open for that date. Choosing your wedding date is an important step in the planning process and we’d like to present a wedding life hack to ensure your date is as perfect as the wedding itself: have a Friday or Sunday wedding.

We know it sounds crazy and you’ve probably come up with several objections, but hear us out. Here are 3 reasons a Friday or Sunday wedding is a perfect solution to wedding date woes:
Setting the stage and mood of your event is arguably more important than a specific date. Chances are, most venues in your area are booked, at the very least, a year out. Most, if not all of those will be Saturday weddings. Say you have your heart set on a specific Saturday in June because it happens to be your parents’ anniversary, but that day is booked out 2 years. A great alternative is having your big day the Friday before. It’s still special and sentimental, but you’ll have your own day to celebrate for years to come. Chances are you’ll have an easier time booking the caterer, photographer, and hair and makeup artists if you pick a Friday or Sunday during peak wedding season as well.
It’s easy to assume your guests will be inconvenienced by a wedding on a Friday or Sunday, but if you’re not asking them to travel too far, you’d be surprised by how undisruptive it actually is. If your guests are traveling a bit of a distance, most will have planned on taking a day off of work anyways. You can always schedule a brunch the day after the wedding for guests that couldn’t attend the ceremony or reception because you’ll probably save on cost too. Besides, a sunset wedding on a crisp fall evening sounds rather enchanting.
Most venues will have a reduced rate for Friday or Sunday weddings. Depending on your geographical location, there will be certain months that are less sought after which will make them less expensive. When you combine that with a Friday wedding, you’re set to save some major cash on the venue alone. Many of the caterers, DJs, and photographers are probably less costly as well. Something else to think about for a Friday or Sunday wedding is that banks are open the next day. It’s not something everyone would consider important, but on the off chance you have some last minute expenses, running to the bank Saturday morning will be a life-saver.
It’s always a good idea to break tradition a little bit. Save some money, set the mood, and have your wedding at your dream venue. Friday is the new Saturday to start your happily ever after.

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