She Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Barn Over

She Huffed and Puffed and Blew the Barn Over…

And the future Bride began to cry…

How SAFE is Rolling Ridge and what would happen in the wake of a catastrophic event?

Rolling Ridge is one of the Safest and well-built barns in the State of Minnesota and likely the upper Midwest. The original 120-year-old timber frame barn was lifted from its original foundation and moved to the current location in 2015. During this process, the Historic Barn, Garden Atrium and Lounge buildings were structurally re-engineered to comply with all State and Federal building codes, ADA Accessibility, life safety, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical code requirements. The design process took over 2 years to complete but resulted in a renovated facility that is safe, comfortable, well-built and accessible to all, while maintaining the original character and charm of the vintage buildings. A certificate of public occupancy was issued to Rolling Ridge, which is essentially a certified document that proves our building exceeds the code requirements for its intended use.

How is our building / business insured?

Our buildings are insured for values that exceed their current value. Proceeds from our policy coverage would provide us funds to rebuild our buildings or refund deposits quickly If faced with a catastrophic event such as a tornado. We have loss of business coverage which would provide us operating capital to run our business until our facility was ready to host events once again. Our preferred food & beverage partner has their own insurance, including liquor liability.

How do I really know if Rolling Ridge (or another venue) is safe or built according to code?

Enforcement of codes throughout the Midwest is questionable, but public records should provide irrefutable evidence of code compliance. Please contact the City of Saint Joseph (or the city, township or county where the venue in question resides) for a data request and ask for the permitting and inspection reports for the project. They should have a site plan, review comments, inspection cards and miscellaneous correspondence. They are required by MN Statute to reply to a data request.

What can I do to protect my booking date, myself, my guests and my sanity?

The first step is choosing a venue that has a good reputation and has followed the rules. Pay attention to the warning signs- If the facility isn’t climate controlled, uses portable restrooms, doesn’t have fire sprinklers and you can see through the cracks in the walls and the floor you should consider another venue. Ask the venue owner for a copy of their property and liability insurance or ask them to show you their certificate of occupancy. Purchasing event insurance is another way to protect yourself and your investment. We request our couples purchase event insurance with a million dollars of general liability coverage listing Rolling Ridge LLC as additionally insured. The cost for this coverage is inexpensive for the peace of mind it provides. Additional insurance coverages are also available that could help cover down payments or cancellations in the event of military deployment or relocation etc. For more information you can contact your insurance agent or check out to inquire about additional coverage options.

Having your wedding in your backyard, a vineyard or countryside farm could provide a one-of-a-kind event with beautiful photos & memories or it could be your biggest regret. Choose wisely and we look forward to celebrating with you in the future!

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