Practice Makes Perfect

Long before Rolling Ridge became the Rolling Ridge we know today… there was an event that changed everything. Randy Schmitz the founder of Scenic Specialties and the future Founder of Rolling Ridge had a passion for design. His unique passion, coupled with his creative mind allowed him to take an otherwise normal property, space or place and reinvent or redesign … Read More

How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement AND congrats on your decision to have an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful and it’s a great way to let mother nature decorate for your big day! That said, there is a lot of extra planning and consideration that goes into an outdoor wedding; they come with their own unique challenges and rewards. … Read More

Should I Allow Kids at my Wedding?

As another year comes to a close, many are looking forward to a new year and, possibly, a big event…(NYE and Christmas engagements anyone?). As you begin to start the initial planning, you’re probably asking yourself about the guest list and who makes the cut. Many couples struggle with whether or not to invite kids to their wedding as it … Read More

The Making of Rolling Ridge Wedding and Events Center

When you step onto the property at Rolling Ridge Wedding and Events Center the first thing you’ll notice is the rustic charm and elegance of the grounds. We’re proud of the outcome and the Rolling Ridge our customers and guests see now, but it wasn’t always what it is, and it certainly wasn’t an easy process. In 2001, Randy Schmitz … Read More

Should I Pay for a Wedding Hair Trial?

By the time you walk down the aisle on your wedding day you’ve spent hundreds of hours planning, organizing, and envisioning every element—from the color scheme, to the venue, to your hair and makeup. You want everything to be perfect and understandably so. You’ve invested a lot of time and a lot of money into your big day. When you’ve … Read More

Wood-Fired Wednesdays VIP Tables

We get it, sometimes it feels like you’ll never make it to the weekend. Luckily, once you get to Wednesday you know you’ve almost made it. That said, Wednesdays are about to get a little hotter and we’re not referring to the weather, although that’s true too. We’re talking about how it’s almost time for our weekly event, Wood-Fired Wednesdays … Read More

Is an Open Bar Wedding Worth the Cost

We’ve all been to more than one wedding where the only people seeming to have fun are the wedding party. For whatever reason, the energy just isn’t there and you know as soon as the meal is finished most will leave. That’s the nightmare of everyone involved: the event center, the couple, and the guest. No one wants to go … Read More

Wood-Fired Wednesday Launch Party: Featuring Michael Shynes

Are you as fired up for summer as we are? After this crazy winter, we’re guessing the answer is yes. We’re excited to announce that the Wood-Fired Wednesday opening event features Michael Shynes! That’s right, it doesn’t get much hotter than wood-fired pizza, drinks, and local phenom and all-around great guy, Michael Shynes.   If you’re from Central Minnesota and … Read More

What to Ask a Wedding Musician

As Shakespeare says, “If music be the food of love, play on” (Twelfth Night 1.1.1-3). Music is the life of any party and the ultimate party is your wedding. Finding the right music sets the tone for your event, but it’s often an aspect of planning people overlook. To ensure the music feeds your guests’ ears while the food fills … Read More

Why a Sunday wedding?

Brunch or BBQ Style- Consider a brunch with food action stations as part of the entertainment. Shorter day and timeframe is a must! No need for a long drawn out dance with the same boring wedding songs- Consider first dance and Father daughter and end with a series of background songs to keep the mood without making everyone join you … Read More